What's Included in the


  • Comprehensive Lesson Plans for Reading Comprehension
  • Organized yearly, by six weeks, and week-by-week
  • Comprehensive Lesson Plans for Phonics/Shared Reading
  • Organized yearly, by six weeks, and week-by-week
  • Visual Aids, Graphic Organizers, and Anchor Charts embedded for each skill
  • Comprehension follows this pattern for each skill:

    • Anchor Chart
    • Graphic Organizer
    • Independent Practice

  • Phonics follows this pattern for each skill:

    • Graphic Organizer for every single week of the year – to be used as an anchor chart first and then explored for independent practice per teacher discretion

  • Shared Reading timeline integrated with Phonics
  • Character Building Focus integrated with Comprehension
  • Over 400 sight words, compiled into 70 lists and combining a systematic integration of both Dolch and Fry words and phrases, organized in a suggested week-by-week manner
  • Over 200 letter sound cards, including long and short vowel sounds as well as digraphs, with Technology Bonuses for each letter and sound
  • Reading practice passages integrated into the Phonics components, plus extra reading passages at the end for further inculcation of skills
    This manual is broken into two main sections, both of which should be used simultaneously:

    • Full Year of Reading Comprehension Lesson Plans (which have an embedded character-building focus)
    • Full Year of Phonics/Shared Reading Lesson Plans (which has an embedded sight word piece and letter cards attached).